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Cold Medicines

Cough & Cold Coupons : Printable
Flu Medicine - Over the Counter Cold, Sinus Symptoms Relief Coupons
$2 Off : Sudafed Coupons : Printable
Sudafed PE, Sudafed PSE or Children's Sudafed PE product
$1 Off Vicks Coupons : NyQuil
latest Vicks cold and flu product promotions, coupons & special offers
Children's Advil Coupons
Infants' Advil, Children's Advil Suspension, Junior Strength Advil Chewables, Junior Strength Advil Tablets
$1 Off : Robitussin Coupons
Save on Cough and Chest Congestion Medicines
Theraflu Coupons
Severe Cold, Severe Cough, Nighttime Cold, Daytime Cold, Flu, Sore Throat, Multi-Symptom
Coricidin Coupon : Printable
Manufacturer Offer : Coricidin HBP
Allegra Coupons
Allegra Allergy 24 HR Gelcaps or Tablets, Allegra-D, Children's Allegra
Zyrtec Coupons : Printable
Allergy Medication for Adults & Children
Advil Coupons
Advil Sinus Congestion & Pain, Advil Allergy & Congestion Relief, Advil Cold & Sinus, Advil Allergy Sinus
$20 coupon : MyPurMist Kit
Refer a Friend and they will receive a $20 coupon for a MyPurMist Kit AND you will receive a $10 coupon after they've purchased
Alka-Seltzer Coupons
Alka-Seltzer Plus: Cold, Flu, Cough, & Mucus Symptom Relief
Zicam Coupons
Zicam nasal congestion, cold, and allergy relief
Little Remedies Coupons
atural remedies for your child
Delsym Coupons
Delsym Cough Syrup Coupons
Flonase Coupons
24 Hour Allergy Relief : OTC : Non Drowsy
Aleve Coupon
Back & Body Pain Relief, Headache Relief : Caplets, Tablets, Liquid Gels, Gelcaps, Arthritis Caps, Aleve-D Sinus & Cold, Aleve-D Sinus
Alavert Coupon : Allergy
Alavert Allergy : 24 Hour, Orally Disintegrating Tablets
Neo-Synephrin coupons
Fight back with Neo-Synephrine Nasal Decongestant Spray!
Children's Cold and Cough Medicine : Day Time Cold & Cough, Night Time Cold & Cough, Multi-Symptom Fever & Cold, Cough & Congestion, Cough & Sore Throat
PediaCare Coupons
PediaCare Cough & Cold Medicine for Kids
Mucinex Coupons
Chest Congestion, Cough, Sinus Pressure, Runny Nose, Stuffy Nose, Sore Throat, Fever, Sneezing, Headache

Over the Counter Medications

Non-prescription drugs, OTC medicines are drugs you can buy without a doctors prescription.

Taking Over the Counter medicines still has risks. Some OTC interact with other medicines, supplements, foods or drinks. Others cause problems for people with certain disorders or medical conditions. If you're pregnant, please talk to your health care provider before taking any medicines.

Understanding Over-the-Counter Medicines
How to Choose Over-the-Counter Cold and Flu Meds

Common Cold Treatment

Common Cold Treatment, Causes, Stages, Remedies & Symptoms
Common Cold
The common cold has no cure, and there is no available vaccine.
Web MD

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